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The government realizes that economic development is highlly dependent on its ability to attract technology and capital that will generate direct and indirect employment and exports needed for growth.

In order to enhance and attract greater investment, the investment code offers a number of incentives under three distinct categories:

• Investment promotion
• Export promotion
• Research and professional training promotion

Guarantees for investment protection

• Non-discriminatory treatment of projects
• Guarantees against nationalization and confiscation
• Freedom of labor
• Profits and capital and capital transfer guarantees
• Investors can benefit from guarantees granted by the terms of the convention that the multilateral Agency for Investment Guarantee (MIGA) creates, and other international treaties that legally bind Guinea-Bissau

Special projects, investments and businesses that create jobs in the country can qualify for a 6 year 50% tax hoilday and other benefits.

Export oriented business investments can claim 10% of total value of goods exported in a business year for 6 years. Businesses that increase the national production of goods to reduce the import of such goods can also enjoy similar benefits.

Business investing in know-how and human resources; business protecting the environment and business investment in infrastructure in other small cities (not in the capital) of Guinea-Bissau are investment in important fields for the development of Guinea-Bissau.

Our objectives are:

Our objective is to provide a transparent business environment for foreign investors wishing to invest in Guinea-Bissau and ensure the free flow of information to companies wishing to trade with Guinea-Bissau.

GBITC activities are:

Promoting and Funding Investment Projects
Supporting the dissemination of technology
Promoting training actions
Technical assistance to investors
Sourcing for exporters and importers
Connecting local producers and buyers
Connecting local buyers and forgeign producers



The investment and trade environment in Guinea-Bissau is constantly changing and evolving. GBITC has the most up to date infromation about the political, investment, business and trade winds blowing in Bissau. Before you invest, trade or set up a company, contact us.