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Guinea-Bissau is a member of West African Monetary Union. The population of West African Union is 72 million. This organization has 8 states members (Benin, Ivory Cost, Burkina Faso, Guinea-Bissau, Mali, Niger and Senegal), which use the same currency, the CFA (it has a fixed exchange rate with Euro: 1 Euro is 655 FCFA, since 1999). GBITC will open up the West African market for any foreign company.. Any investment in trading business in Guinea-Bissau will gain a special position in any market of the organization due to very favorable geographical position Guinea-Bissau has. Several trading companies are using the tax advantages in Guinea-Bissau to set up the West Africa distribution centers. In a few short years Guinea-Bissau is destined to be a major gateway to West Africa. The government's special tax status will make importing through Guinea-Bissau highly competitive with neighboring Senegal.

Traders exporting and importing can use the port in the capital Bissau, where customs clearing offices are located. Euro port international is 11 km away.

The goods of the companies registered in Guinea-Bissau and the legal documents for business can be dispatched in 48 hours.

The nomenclature and classification of the trading products at custom clearing tables are adopted from the CEDEAO and are harmonized with the international designation and codification of goods, version 2002.

Dispatching of the goods in the custom clearing became automatic with the introduction of automatic system SYDONIA since January 1993.

There are 26 dispatching agencies and offices in Bissau for dispatching goods. It is very easy to contact them. Goods can be dispatched in the same day as the declaration of the custom clearing is presented with the other necessary documents for dispatching the goods; like original invoice.

Import taxes are not high and they are in accordance with UEMOA organization to which Guinea-Bissau belongs. Import taxes are low for the products of first necessity, machinery and for products that does not exist in any of the country of UEMOA (West African Monetary Union). Certain products can be imported tax free or at favorable low customs tax rates.

Taxes are banned for certain goods of especial and permanent use and importance for Guinea-Bissau and society. Books, newspapers, preservatives, certain medicaments, solar cells and orthopedic articles; especial taxes are for restrict list of products. Value added tax is of 15%.

Exporting is free of any tax.


Import food
Hospital equipment
Textile good
Cosmetic good
Cars, tracks and jeeps
Export cashew nut
Export frozen fish
Export fruits and vegetables
Develop trading centers
Export palm oil